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April 2020

Practitioner’s Certification Course in NLP
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Vinayalaya, Andheri (East).


June 2020

Gestalt Therapy Certification - Level 1
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Vinayalaya, Andheri (East)


May 2020

Master Pracs Certification in NLP
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Vinayalaya, Andheri (East).


December 2020

Gestalt Therapy Certification – Level 2
6:00am – 9:00 pm
Birds & Bees Resort, Pattaya.

Practitioner’s Certification Course in


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What People Say

What people feel after NLP with Anil Thomas

According to me, brain was never meant to order us it was meant to support us through any situation of life! Anil Thomas, the one who teaches NLP helped me to bring an effective communication between me and my brain.

Rithwik M Singh 

Rithwik Singh
Anil has brought phenomenal changes in my life. Doing the NLP course with him has affected me deeply and it'll stay with me forever. I'll recommend people to seek out for his help and go for the sessions and courses he takes up.

Nikeeta Shah

Nikeeta Shah
A transformative experience in every sense of the word!...Mr Anil Thomas is a trainer par excellence...

Sannidhi Shetty

Sannidhi Shetty
Anil possess an uncanny knack of getting people from various backgrounds on the same page while teaching heavy topics. He helps breaks stereotypes and barriers and best of all his trainings ensure a lot of practical that enables you to have greater take always from his sessions.

Joanne Fernandes

Anil Thomas is a born teacher & trainer, superb therapist , wonderful person whosoever he touches he changes it for good weaving his magic of NLP. NLP is a must do for every person especially NLP with Anil Thomas. It changes you and through you the people around you making the world a much better place.

Shanti Dash

Shanti Dash
A good mentor who understands his students and NLP as a subject. Really blessed to have Anil Sir as a teacher.

Jobina Dias

Jobina Dias
I've had one of the most life changing experiences with Anil Thomas while doing NLP. I've been able to use the art and tools of NLP to overcome emotional distress as well as basic life problems. I would recommend this program to everyone and I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to learn the art of NLP with Anil Thomas. Great teacher. Great guide and a great human being

Shweta Mishra

Shweta Mishra
Exceptional, characterised, phenomenal theories and concept on the NLP. Thank you, for being there more than anything. Your guidance and support matters most to me. Thank you again for this transformational formative pathway that only gets you closer to the inner self.

Lalita Carolena Misquitta 

Lalita Misquitta
Changed the way I saw myself and people around! Loved the course and looking forward to attending more! 

Vedika Merchant

Vedika Merchant
I thoroughly enjoyed the NLP program by Anil Thomas. The workshop was an eye opener for me as it focused more on I-me-myself. The principles of NLP enriched and enhanced my strength to know myself better. Highly recommended

Ramdas Bhat

Ramdas Bhatt
Anil is a good combination of pedigree of knowledge, subject matter expertise and exceptional facilitation skills. One exceptional mentor and fabulous human being I have come across. Life after NLP is more disciplined and joyful. I highly recommend the NLP course with Anil Thomas!

Rashmi Shah

Rashmi Shah
Joining NLP under the mentorship of Anil Thomas was a turning point in my life. It has transformed my thinking in many ways and I am able to pass on the transformation to others. Certainly doing NLP under the mentorship of Anil has been the best decision.

Purva Mehta

Purva Mehta
Completed the advanced NLP course with Anil and was the best training I have ever attended. As a trainer, there is humility and lot of humour and makes learning simple. Makes learning easy with a lot of live practical therapies where one can experience the concepts.

Gavin Rodrigues

Manager Inflight Services at Spicejet Limited
Feel blessed to do the basic and advance NLP under the Mentor like Anil Thomas. It was a great experience the way he explains the depth of life and get into the self awarness process its treasure of life found.

Shelon Coelho

Assistant Manager HR, Runwal Deveopers
Anil gives a lot of guidance during the course on understanding what drives people and coaches students on how they can ride the crest rather than get swept away by the wave.

Jaya Ramakrishnan

Head of Regulatory,Critical Regulatory Affair Solutions, Concordia International Corp
Experiencing NLP with Anil has open up a new vision for me. His Vision "Don't give meaning to the experience but Experience the Experience" has changed my outlook towards every day to day affairs. Anil is a wonderful and dedicated human. 

Ami Patel

Director, Visual Artist/Fine Art at Kreative Artlab
One of the finest therapists, trainers I have met so far.What he brings to the training room is collective wisdom of the masters of NLP and his own experiences which is why every session for me has been experiential and very powerful.

Priti Chopra

Workshop Facilitator, Trainer, Life Coach
Anil is a gifted coach cum therapist full of gratitude for his own mentors and humility. His sessions would send you on an exploration deep within oneself and find our own answers.

Liji Shynu

Specialist, Training IT
Words may not do justice to how Anil takes us through the courses he conducts.I am trained by Anil for Basic NLP and Advance NLP and the way he took us through the course is mind blowing.

Praantik Panigrahi

Vipran Enterprise for Training and Performance Development
Anil Thomas has guided me towards the light of my existence, inspired me to focus and live the peak experiences of my life. Thank you so much Sir, for teaching me and raising me to live my highest vision. Fortunate to have you as my "Guru".

Vandana Upadhay

Storyteller, Drama Coach, Podar International School IB
I have attended 3 different workshops conducted by Anil. He is an expert in the field of NLP and Gestalt Therapy but he attributes all his knowledge to his Teachers. That, I feel, is one of his greatest virtues, exuding the right energy in the sessions.

Ramakrishnan Subramaniam

Co-Founder, STAND OUT (coaching)
Anil is one of the most engaging and insightful teachers. Learning with him has been an honour and I look forward to deep diving further into the subject.

Trishala Seth

Assistant HR Manager, Syntel Private Limited
Anil’s knowledge about NLP is par excellence and he adds an extra edge by tutoring us in his sublime, gentle and thought provoking style. I absolutely enjoyed his NLP course, learnt a lot about communication. I would recommend everyone to attend his training.

Rashida Kapadia

Director Orchid Complete Makeovers
We learn NLP techniques for helping ourselves by re-creating some behaviour patterns and addressing lifelong self-defeating habits/ behaviours and removing body illness. Thank you and Anil for sharing your knowledge so generously and for your indomitable sense of humor you did make us crack up.

Sakshi Bhardwaj

Experienced Training & OD professional 
The uncanny thing about Anil’s NLP sessions are that while there are multiple participants it is as if the session is only for you. And almost every participant feels like that

Riaz Mulla

Training Haead, Tech Mahindra
It was a blessed experience to learn and understand NLP under the mentorship of Anil. I completed both the Basic and Master NLP program and the journey was filled with true experience. Anil is the teacher from whom I would love to learn more.–

Shynu John

Shynu John
Woh! Every moment with Anil Sir is enriching. NLP sessions were really mind blowing and every day during my sessions on basic and advanced I learned something new. Practical sessions changed my own limited beliefs. I recommend every individual to undergo NLP training

G R Sitaram

Leadership Coach and Behavioural Trainer
NLP has impacted my life positively. Anil is amazing as a mentor. His way of explaining the aspects of NLP and relating them with our day to day lives is so impactful that it becomes a part of you.

Nitya Arora

Chief Manager ICICI Bank 
“ NLP has inspired me so much that i can easily solve intricate issues. I have found NLP strategies are easy to understand and practical to use. The way in which Anil trains NLP using humor and fun is beyond compare. "

Alok Gupta

CEO - Swiber Offshore Pvt. Ltd.
Alok Gupta
“ These last few days have been a wonderful journey of discovery, an inward journey. The batch was very enthusiastic, open minded and inquisitive. Anil is a brilliant facilitator. Many thanks to him. "

Parag Amin

Dean - SIES Neral
Parag Amin

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